31 Dec

December: Live Music Lineup

Every Friday and Saturday Night from 10pm until 2am

Join The Oxford in downtown Raleigh for some of the best live music in the Triangle.  Not only do we have the best food and drinks, but we also play hosts to some of the hottest acts around.  If you’re looking for live music on the weekends, look no further.


Saturday, December 5th – Rockzilla

Rockzilla is a party rock and dance band based out of Raleigh, NC. The band plays all over the area, and is also available for travel.

Friday, December 6th – Scarlet

Scarlet is Raleigh’s premier dance and rock cover band. Featuring music from the 80’s, 90’s, and today with powerful female lead vocals, driving rhythms, and tight guitar leads. This band’s stylish image, professional stage show, and excellent sound system keeps the dance floor packed and ensures that everyone has a great time.

Saturday, December 12th – Redline

Redline was formed back in 2011 when some of Raleigh’s most talented rock musicians from previous successful cover projects joined forces. Redline specializes in playing high energy rock and roll tunes from the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and some new age material that is sure to keep people up singing and dancing all night. The energy you will see from Redline is second to none as members are constantly jumping around the stage, interacting with other band mates, throwing Redline T-shirts, and running out into the crowd and pulling people onto the stage to sing a song or celebrate a special occasion.

Friday, December 13th – Rockzilla

Rockzilla is a party rock and dance band based out of Raleigh, NC. The band plays all over the area, and is also available for travel.

Friday, December 19th – Nightshift

Night Shift consists of seasoned accomplished musicians, we have been together for the last 10 years playing venues throughout NC. Night Shift have appeared at the Regency Amphitheater in Cary NC, Raleigh Convention Center, the new Raleigh Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh, various local Pubs, concerts, benefits, and corporate parties. We play anywhere you let us.

Saturday, December 20th – Shine

Playing anything from Michael Jackson, Journey, Bon Jovi, Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Johnny Cash to Lady Gaga and the Temptations, Shine caters to your specific needs while taking song requests, providing optional Wedding Ceremony Music (acoustic guitars or piano, violin), EMCEE, and DJ during band breaks/cocktail hour/dinners, and reception music or private parties.

Shine is a four piece band consisting of Mindy(Lead Vocals, percussion), Mike (bass, vocals), Sal (guitar, vocals)Aaron (Drums). Shine will include a professional sound man, a light show, PA system, DJ during the breaks (free of extra charge), and 4 performers including male and female vocalists.

Friday, December 26th – EG Peters Band

The EG Peters Band has established a career as being one of the most versatile live entertainers in the Raleigh, NC area. They deliver their versatile song list with a professional approach to perform a wide variety of events from weddings to private parties and everything in between. These guys are known for their ability to put together the perfect blend of music to entertain all audiences for any occasion.

Saturday, December 27th – Skinny Bag O Sugar


Wednesday, December 31st (NYE) – New Sweat

Growing up together in rural Pennsylvania, Garrett Cummings (guitar, vocals), Abe Kline (bass guitar, vocals), and Taylor Cummings (drums) were raised on home-grown music. After playing in high school rock bands and gigging the bars as acoustic acts through college, the trio came together as a three piece band in Raleigh, NC in the summer of 2007. Quentin “Q” Jones (congas, vocals) joined New Sweat in the summer of 2008, adding his smooth rhythm and energy to the band. The addition of Doug McCullough to the New Sweat roster in May 2012 filled out the band’s sound with keys and even more vocal firepower. New Sweat is also frequently accompanied by the talented Clay King on the saxophone and flute.

New Sweat has been gigging predominantly in the Raleigh area for the last 5 years, playing local bars and clubs. While you can catch New Sweat pretty much anywhere in the Triangle, they’ve honed in on the Fayetteville Street scene in downtown Raleigh as their home court, playing at the Oxford and the Big Easy on a regular basis. New Sweat’s sound is best described as melding funky, bluesy grooves into pop-rock. You’ll never see New Sweat perform without some toe-tapping, head bobbing, and dancing in the crowd.


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