Meet Our Head Chef, Erik Beauchamp

Head Chef Erik Beauchamp’s career experience began in the construction field, but all of us at The Oxford are happy he made the transition to cooking. Moving from the construction industry to the culinary world might seem like a jump, but Chef Beauchamp has found many similarities between the two — particularly the camaraderie and creative spirit found in both.

Erik Beauchamp’s French heritage has also had a big impact on his success as a chef, though he truly dug in to his passion cooking for the patrons at our North Raleigh Japanese restaurant, Mura. After a tenure at Mura, Chef Beauchamp joined the team at The Oxford where he is building a name for himself in the Downtown Raleigh restaurant community.

Chef Beauchamp continues to transform our restaurant in Downtown Raleigh by introducing fresh ingredients and dozens of new items (including a seasonal selection and occasional features) to our extensive lunch and dinner menu. His take on British pub food pulls influence from all across the globe, as well as closer to home — in fact, all the produce used in our cuisine is locally-grown and supplied by FreshPoint Produce, located in the greater Raleigh area.


Contact Chef Beauchamp

Interested in getting in touch? Please reach out to Chef Erik Beauchamp using the information below:

Erik Beauchamp | P: 919-832-6622 | F: 919-832-6833 |