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Complete size chart for skip bins

Complete size chart for skip bins

Tips on choosing the size of skip bin

Skip bins are handy to use. They make it easy to get rid of unwanted rubbish.

But how do you know what size to choose?

With so many choices, it can be difficult to make the right decision.

You need an effective waste management program to get the job done. That’s why we use professional skip bin service providers that have a huge range of sizes for any type of job.

If you consider hiring a bin for your project, you will find this skip bin size guide is helpful.

How do I know which skip bin size to hire?

Most skip bin hire companies will advertise sizes in 2 ways. Either the cubic metre skip bin value or a name for the bin Eg, Mini-skip, midi-skip and maxi-skip.

Knowing how much rubbish can go into each helps you make the perfect choice for you project.

Quantity of waste

Some skips have weight limits. It is important to know the size you need. Plus how much junk do you want to dispose of?

This will help the company determine the bin size perfect for it. As a rule of thumb, hire a bin that is slightly larger than the waste to avoid overflowing. Also, remember to measure the area where it would be kept so that you don’t hire something larger than the space available.


Before hiring a skip bin, ensure to find a convenient place for it to stay. It should be kept in a location that doesn’t inconvenience others. Better still, it should be mounted near the front door to make for easy accessibility.

Type of waste

Before hiring a skip bin, identify what you want to dispose of. Ther are three some types normally offered. These incldue General waste, green waste, heavy waste, construction or builders waste.

Choosing the right size- Our skip bin chart

If you are unsure of the right skip bin size to hire, you can pick from the following options:

  • Two cubic metres – this mini bin comes in handy for minor renovations around the home. They are also used for intense home cleaning. Good for a small trailer load.
  • Three cubic metres – this size is also small but relatively bigger than the first one. It is perfect for small renovation jobs like single rooms or a part of the garden.
  • Four cubic metres – this is recommended for people who want to move into a new apartment and want to discard old furniture. They also also good for smaller bathroom renovations.
  • Six cubic metres – this size is ideal for relatively large renovation and construction projects. They can carry large amounts of tin, wood, tiles, bricks, concrete, soil, etc.
  • Eight cubic metres – this is ideal for larger renovations, commercial construction, moving, and renovation projects.
  • Nine cubic metres – Perfect for building sites, large-scale dirt removal, and multi-room renovations.
  • 10-metre – this bin is also used for commercial purposes like shop fit-outs, large-scale constructions, and deceased estates.


There are three major types for dispoaing of junk:

Marrel skip bins

Marrel bins are the commonest types available. They have tall sides and short lengths and are difficult to load. They measure between 2 cubic metres to 17 cubic metres. Most Marrels come with a wheelbarrow access door to make loading easier.

Hook lift skip bin

This is mainly hired for industrial, commercial, deceased estate, and large domestic rubbish. They are named after their loading method. These trucks use a large hydraulic hook to grab the bin and roll it off. It is rectangular and has rear openings if you require a bobcat to drive into the bin.

Mobile skip bin

As their name implies, these skip bins are mobile and can fit into garages, office blocks, under carports, etc. Mobile bins are convenient because they can be moved to any location easily. Due to their size, they are ideal for only light material.


What can i put into the bin?

There are no hard and fast rules to placing your skip, but you should keep it in a place that poses no risk to public safety. If you keep it in your garden, road, private land or driveway, ensure suitable access.


Skip bins are designed to take the burden of waste management off your shoulders.

Also remember to shop around. Ask for free quotes so you can compare prices and get the most affordable skip bin for your project.

When used properly, they make your job seamless.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to get i touch with your local skip nin hire company today.

They have great customer service, a huge range of bins to choose from and a a friendly team who is experinced in helping customers select the right size.